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"La Cuisine" at the Royal Monceau

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Restaurant la Cuisine du Royal Monceau Restaurant L'assiette rouge du Royal Monceau Les langoustines d'Ecosse - Laurent André Royal Monceau filet bar aux asperges n°3 - la Cuisine Laurent André Royal Monceau Filet de Saint Pierre imprégné d'épices, cuit au sautoir, épeautre déguisé en risotto, les légumes d’un tajine- Laurent André ROYAL MONCEAU Le homard breton, cajolé au court-bouillon- Laurent André Royal Monceau La cuisine du Royal Monceau - le bateau d'endives
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Everybody is talking about the new restaurant "la Cuisine" in the recently re-opened Royal Monceau hotel on avenue Hoche in the 8th arrondissement. The chef, Laurent André, not only extremely talented, but also modest - something fairly rare in the world of gastronomy - has developed a lovely menu, revisiting the classics with an inventive modern twist, perfectly respecting all products used in his creations.

As a perfect complement to the menu is a wonderful selection of wine, unpretentious service and a beautiful setting (the decor is amazing), all for a price that remains reasonable - the necessary ingredients for a well-deserved success.

Chef Laurent André is not one to rest on his laurels, however, and is already thinking about what's next and how he can learn from these first six months to make "la Cuisine" even better.

Thibault Leclerc

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La Cuisine (Hôtel Royal Monceau)

37, avenue Hoche -75008 Paris 

Tél : + 33 1 42 99 88 00