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Terroirs de Chefs

Monsieur Bleu, the new restaurant at the Palais de Tokyo

The most sought-after terrace this summer

600 m2 of south-facing terrace, opposite the banks of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, this is where you’ll find the Palais de Tokyo’s new restaurant.  It is the final touch that was necessary to complete the venue, now open thanks to the talented Benjamin Masson and his playful gastronomical brasserie menu.

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Housed in the former archives of the Palais de Tokyo, the project took time to mature.  Thus several months ago a sober and elegant restaurant at last opened in a space that harmoniously blends design, cultural events and gastronomy.  Behind this grandiose project is Gilles Malafosse, helped by Laurent de Gourcuff and Benjamin Cassan, the go-to guys for new musical talent and events.

The interiors are by Joseph Dirand, visionary architect who was named Creator of the Year in 2013.   The cavernous volumes could have been a handicap but Dirand has made them a central feature.  He plays with the space – and its 9 meter high ceilings – by punctuating it with alcoves and mezzanines, warming it with gold and velvet touches. 

The kitchen has been entrusted to the delightful Benjamin Masson, formerly of Petrus in the 17th arrondissement.  Strongly attached to French cuisine, the chef wanted to pursue a traditional brasserie but have some fun with its codes.  So, classical but not boring.

Thus, for starters, there is a tomato salad that is apparently simple but in fact revisited with strawberries and a tangy vinaigrette.   The finely sliced vitello tonnato is layered with a delicious tuna cream studded with capers.    Lobster is associated with mango, and then the menu travels further afield with burrata, pata negra or Vietnamese spring rolls.

Next, some homely family food, with roasted free range chicken to share, or, more chic, the ‘raw bar’ (oysters, shrimps or crab) or a selection of caviar.

The gilthead bream is adorned with an shellfish emulsion seasoned with red curry, the seared tuna is encased in a sesame-poppy seed crust and the chef revisits hake by serving it cold with a fresh herb mayonnaise.

The cheesecake is just perfect, as are the sweets.  The waiting staff may look cool but in fact know their job very well.  Overall, a very fashionable place that does not neglect its clients who are proposed an authentic and polished cuisine. 

Vanessa Besnard

Terroirs de Chefs

Monsieur Bleu

Palais de Tokyo

20 avenue de New York

75016 Paris

+ 33 (0) 1 47 20 90 47

Carte 50 €

Open every day from 12:00 to  14:00