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Opening in Paris

Of attractive newcomer Septime

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The neo-bistrot style has confirmed its place, thanks to highly talented young chefs who are reinventing cuisine with modern recipes and affordable prices.

Bertrand Grebaut is no exception. Formerly at Robuchon then Passard and l’Agapé, his launch is a perfect hit. The decor is attractive, the service particularly attentive and the menu clearly focused on quality produce. Basically, a recipe for success.

The menu is simple: 3 entrees, 2 mains and a nice selection of desserts.  The choice and price of the fixed menus-21 and 26 Euros for lunch, 55 Euros for the dinner menu of house specialities- explains their popularity.  A few minor drawbacks however: the room is very noisy and the portions a bit, well to be honest, too small.

In order to recharge our batteries, my guest and I decided to have 3 entrees, a main dish, cheese AND dessert!

Thibault Leclerc

Terroirs de Chefs


80, rue de Charonne

75011 Paris

Tel : 01 43 67 38 29